Intra uterine insemination

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What is IUI?
Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a simple fertility treatment where the ‘washed’ and concentrated sperm is placed directly in a woman’s uterus, putting it closer to the egg, increasing chances of pregnancy.

How does IUI work?
Intrauterine insemination, also known as alternative insemination and artificial insemination, refers to the process of placing sperms into a woman’s uterus around the time of her ovulation, boosting her fertility chances. After a consultation, basic tests and medication, the patient is asked to come for the procedure to determine the ovulation time. A semen sample of the woman’s partner is collected and is ‘washed’ in the lab. Washing refers to the process where seminal fluid and other debris are removed.

IUI requires no anesthesia. Using a speculum, the sperm is placed in the uterus using a long and thin tube. This is done to reduce the time and distance sperm takes to travel to reach the egg. Pregnancy happens if sperm fertilizes the egg, and the fertilized egg implants in the lining of the uterus.

In 10 to 30 minutes after placing the sperm, the patient is good to go. Sometimes, the doctor would prescribe progesterone intake. A pregnancy test two weeks later would determine the success of the process.

How much does IUI increase chances of pregnancy?
A simple, non-invasive and cost-effective procedure compared to other infertility treatments, IUI is known to increase the chance of pregnancy from 10 to 10 per cent in most of the cases with just one procedure. Three to six sessions increase the pregnancy chance to 80 per cent.

Does IUI work for low motility?
IUI works for some a few men with sperm quality problems; but if the total motile count after processing is less than 5 million, fertility chances are less.

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