It is okay to get your mind baffled with doubts and concerns once you have started your IVF journey. Planning your IVF cycle can be very exciting and overwhelming for the future mommy and daddy. You have got to do a lot of tests, appointments, injections, and medications and you want to do everything just right. 

These are the dos and don’ts in your IVF cycle, 

Since the IVF process is a set of complex and serious procedures the rules or the code you have to follow can be different after and before IVF. Both parents need to know about the process in depth. IVF involves complex procedures to initiate the pregnancy. It takes two weeks to finish a cycle. It may take more than two weeks to achieve the gestation. You must know about all of these instructions prior to your treatment.


You need to stay healthy both physically and mentally to go through this whole process. When you are healthy and fit your chances of further complications are less. Hence your diet must contain a variety of food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, leafy vegetables, sprouts, and meat. You should also be drinking plenty of water, to be precise at least eight glasses per day. Try your best to avoid food-poisons, reduce eating outside, and avoid raw and unhealthy foodstuffs. Stay away from drinks with artificial sweeteners and excessive caffeine. You may experience bloating during the mid-cycle, so drink up more water and try other healthy drinks like coconut water. You may also consume fresh juices with no or less sugar. 


Exercising can improve your overall fertility and bodily functions. Regular exerting is found to be good for balancing your menstrual cycle. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be doing rigorous hours of work out. Before you decide on what to do and how much to do it is always best to get some expert advice for exercise guidance. 

You can do moderate exercise during the mid-cycle. Not too much, just a few exercises with low impact. You should be avoiding all types of cardio workouts during this time. Consult with your doctor before doing any of them since each body and health conditions can be different from person to person.  


It is safe to have sex during the IVF cycle. If you experience any difficulties having sex you may also refrain from it. The doctor may instruct you to refrain from sex after the embryo transfer until the pregnancy test. Based on the test results you will be given more instructions to follow.

Substance use

Abstain from any type of substance use. Do not take the doctor’s advice lightly. Both parents should be avoiding smoking since it can damage the quality of sperm and egg. Also, stop the intake of tobacco in any form and restrain from alcohol. 

Sleep & other activities

You may be asked to rest enough during the cycle. Unless the doctor hasn’t instructed you to have a bed rest, do not cling to the bed for a long time. You may experience mood swings due to hormonal changes. Try to have some quality time with your partner and family. Concentrate on your peace of mind and stay away from all sorts of stress. You can enjoy short naps in addition to your eight-hour sleep. Consult with your doctor before planning long journeys. 

So these are the ‘code of conduct’ during IVF and maybe for the entire time of your pregnancy. In addition to this, you can clarify all your doubts with the help of your doctor. Be hopeful, and stick to the schedule.